Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aesops Invisible Drum Kit

My cousin showed me the video of that invisible drum kit and I thought it was pretty cool and I was like 'how did they even make that video'? It's got this invisitble drum kit and the mans is like chick bom boom boom BOOM.

I just used my dad's MPC and when he got closer to the chair I played one sound and then when he heard the sound he went to sit in the chair and then he was waving his sticks around pretending to play his drums. I was looking what he was doing so I could see what to do.

(Note from Dad: Aesops cousin Hakopa showed us a video of the invisible drummer and we thought it was hilarious. Aesop asked me if we could recreate it and came up with the idea of using my drum machine to make the noises. Aesop directed me and told me what to do. Good practice for when he'll direct the last three Star Wars movies.)