Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Big Walking Beetle

Hello, sorry I haven't posted on my blog for a while - I've been sick.

This is my Big Walking Beetle. It's got a lot of moving parts and the only part that doesn't move is his legs. I made this because everyone in this house out of me and my Dad had a Lego competition and whoever made the best thing got a turn on our Playstation that we have. I won because my beetle was the best.

It's got a rocket launcher and pretty much everything on it is a little spiker. The rockets are for attacking it's food that it likes to eat. The claws at the front are his teeth. The orange bit at the back is his little tail stinger. My most favourite part of it is that the rocket comes off.

If you have the Seabed Scavenger just break it up and get the sea bed attacking bits and just use those claws, not the spinning blade, and then get a Lego surfboard, that's how you make it. But it can be a little tricky so maybe your Mum or Dad might be able to help you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aesops Invisible Drum Kit

My cousin showed me the video of that invisible drum kit and I thought it was pretty cool and I was like 'how did they even make that video'? It's got this invisitble drum kit and the mans is like chick bom boom boom BOOM.

I just used my dad's MPC and when he got closer to the chair I played one sound and then when he heard the sound he went to sit in the chair and then he was waving his sticks around pretending to play his drums. I was looking what he was doing so I could see what to do.

(Note from Dad: Aesops cousin Hakopa showed us a video of the invisible drummer and we thought it was hilarious. Aesop asked me if we could recreate it and came up with the idea of using my drum machine to make the noises. Aesop directed me and told me what to do. Good practice for when he'll direct the last three Star Wars movies.)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The claw MEGA.

Well, this ship is pretty cool because it has got some space things that come off and turn into little ships that float around the sky and make sure everything is right.
It's got this little laser canon that comes off and shoots stuff, like whatever you want to hunt for. Just press the control button like five times and it will shoot.
It had got metal wings that are nice and smooth, it helps with nothing but it's good if you want to pat your ship on the wing and that way you don't hurt yourself when you are hitting it.
The pilot is noone special, he is just the pilot of one hundred and fifty ships, I think. His name is Commander Mego. He has got a helmet so that he doesn't donk his head, like when he crashes his head might go 'DONK. DONK. BANG!' and crack open but it won't because he has a helmet.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The MEGA batcave toy review.

Aesops Toy Review: The Bat Cave from aesop larsen on Vimeo.

Note from Mum: Please excuse video quality and lighting, was shot in the evening.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Claw Ship

This is a Claw Ship. It's made out of Lego. I made it because I just make things for fun.

I just got some claws and then stuck them on the front edges and then got this bit that goes up and down and then I just got two bend-down bits and then I just had to make some wings and then got a guy, a number and a window screen, and a crystal. Then that was the end of how I made it.

You know those bits you can see in the photo that are on the front of the ship? Those are the claws.

The bend down bit. If there is an emergency and the doors don't come off, or maybe open up, well he just has to press the control button and then BOOM BANG BANG! First thing you know he's got it off!

The driver is Woody. He likes that he has a lot of lasers and bits like that.

He has a number because it's just a decoration. So whats the point of racing yourself? That just cant be right if he was in a race and he raced with no one! That' s not a race if you are racing yourself.

The crystal is for if you lose the invisible bit on the laser thing, well you just have to take the crystal out of his hand and it put it on the end. Then he just puts it on and first thing you know, he presses the control and then DAZOOOOO! It collects the suns energy or shoots out lasers!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aesop's Mega Cool Record Player

This is a record player and a record on it. I made this out of Lego. I made the record player for a Lego competition.

I can make things that aren't real, things that are real - anything. I'm pretty good at making pretend record players. Basically, I can build anything I can think of.

It's playing the drums on the record. That's how I make the music go.

It's stopped that record player and I took the record off so no music is going. And I make sure that there was no music.

I made it so that two parts spin around. The bit that makes the drums go and the record twisty-round thing. But it's confusing when the record is on, it looks like the record is moving but the playing drum thing is going.