Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bounty Hunter Inspection

Hello Everybody,

Sorry I haven't blogged for so long, I must have forgot that I had a blog!

OK, here is my latest creation and you might have read the title so I won't need to tell you it. My favourite part about it is all the figures positions.

So I'll give you an example: I like how Bobba Fett is pointing to his spaceship and looking at Darth Vader and then Darth Vader is looking at the spaceship seeing if it would be OK for destroying the rebels.

Heres a couple of things that it can do: You can lift the dome that supports the person from just choking in space and then you can shut it and make it so that some guys can steal it if you want.

OK see you later on my next blogging.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Zero Gravity Stunt Board

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while. I forgot I even had a blog and I just built too many things out of Lego.

This is a Zero Gravity Stunt Board with a driver with a Zero Gravity Mask and, just in case he wants to have some gravity, he has a Gravity Motorbike.

The board has these little propellers, they're facing the ground - if they spin around the Zero Gravity Board gets higher and if they spin for a long time then the Zero Gravity Board might go up to the sun and then disappear because the heat might burn it.

The Zero Gravity Stunt Board is made out of metal and plastic and the green lights are made out of crystal and glass. It's got a little thing that goes up and down and he stands on it so that he can do some awesome tricks on it like the 'Limbo Glide'.

The Bike

That's because he has an evil brother. He used to own the motorbike and he liked to have vehicles that have things that destroy stuff like buildings. If someone tries to hang glide to shoot him and stop him he just throws a rope and uses it as a lasso and it pulls them down to the blade and it pulls them to it and they get cut.

The Guy

His name is Jaxeter, that's how I spell his name. His evil brothers name is Xeter.

Basically the helmet is just like that so that if his Zero Gravity Stunt Board loses all its power, he'll just remain floating.

My favourite thing is the motorbike because it can fly and if he pushes the button in it, the wheels just fly off and it turns into a jet.