Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Harbour

Ahoy there everybody! This is my next creation.

I call it 'The Harbour' and there's lots and lots of things about it. So you can take cargo for shipping to other countries, or you can hang out in the factory, or you can opeate the crane. So my favourite part is the sailors ship because I like how the captain looks.

Well this is a picture that shows the back of the ship and as you can see the sailors are having fried fish for dinner. Funny isn't it?

See you on my next blog post!


Otto's Truck

OK, here I am again and here is my brothers truck that is so cool that I had to put on here. My favourite part is how all the figures are wearing the same type of helmet and nobody has the same outfit on. Well my dad made it but my brother decided to own it.



  1. The harbour and ship must have taken a long time to make. it is relly cool.
    otto really likes the lego people doesn't he!

  2. I love the harbour and the ship and especially how you can move things with the crane. Did you have instructions for the boat or did you make it from your imagination?
    The car is cool too and I know that Otto likes to steal things when people have made them, just like he stole my police truck I made! :)
    Roald says he likes the fried fish the best.